Tobias Hume band: Liam Byrne, Clare Salaman, Alison McGillivray, David McGuinness, Elizabeth Kenny, Tommy Johansson, Chris Norman (photo: Alex Woodward)
Tobias Hume band 14 August 2012
Thomas Walker in Hume rehearsal (photo: Alex Woodward)
Thomas Walker as Captain Hume
Tommy Johansson's multi-coloured cittern frets (photo: Alex Woodward)
Tommy Johansson and cittern
Chris Norman with his specs on, and one of his many Renaissance flutes (photo: Alex Woodward)
Chris Norman and flute
Elizabeth Kenny gets accustomed to the orpharion's squinty frets (photo: Alex Woodward)
Elizabeth Kenny and orpharion
<strong>Revenge of the Folksingers rehearsal</strong><br>Aldeburgh, 5 December 2010
Revenge of the Folksingers rehearsal
<strong>up in the morning early</strong><br>in the lunch break of the Revenge of the Folksingers session, out in the cold at Aldeburgh L-R Nick Halley, Jim Moray, Bill Taylor, David McGuinness, Olivia Chaney, Alison McGillivray, Mairi Campbell, Alasdair Roberts, Clare Salaman, Pamela Thorby
up in the morning early, 6 December 2010
<strong>Olivia Chaney and Alasdair Roberts</strong><br>Alasdair keeps quiet about his mysterious guitar tunings
Olivia Chaney and Alasdair Roberts
<strong>singing Psalm 124</strong><br>Clare Salaman, Pamela Thorby, David McGuinness, Mairi Campbell, Nick Halley
singing Psalm 124
<strong>Jim Moray and his red guitar</strong><br>in the Revenge recording session
Jim Moray and his red guitar
<strong>Nick Halley</strong><br>demonstrates drumming and hat-wearing simultaneously
Nick Halley's instructional video
<strong>Clare Salaman tunes the hurdy gurdy</strong><br>and it was more than worth it every time
Clare Salaman tunes the hurdy gurdy
<strong>Pamela and the glockenspiel</strong><br>Pamela Thorby briefly abandons her recorder collection to relive her schooldays
Pamela Thorby and the glockenspiel
<strong>Mackintosh 4</strong><br>on a break from recording at Ardkinglas, June 2010: Greg Lawson, David Greenberg, Alison McGillivray, David McGuinness
Mackintosh 4
<strong>Mackintosh window</strong><br>the view from the studio, June 2010
Mackintosh window
<strong>18th century dance band in Beauvais</strong><br>David Greenberg, Greg Lawson, Alison McGillivray, May 2010
18th century dance band in Beauvais, May 2010